Accredited investors can register with VCapital online. It is really simple.

We will begin to ask for information certifying your status as an accredited investor. Not sure about accreditation? Read Who is an Accredited Investor? here.

Once we verify that you meet the criteria (we may call you as part of this process), you can log into the VCapital site as a Registered Investor and enjoy members-only access to deeper information about the VCapital portfolio companies as well as invitations to special informational events.

Please note that there will be additional accreditation certification requirements that you must fulfill before actually making investments.

Even before you register, or if you do not meet the accreditation criteria, you may Join VCapital to subscribe to our newsletter and keep updated and informed.

Please review our VCapital Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use Agreement. By providing your contact information, you acknowledge that you have reviewed, understand, and agree to these. We take your privacy seriously and will not sell, rent or purposely disclose your personal information without your consent. Ever.