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You Can Find Lucrative Venture Capital Opportunities Almost Anywhere

As awareness of recent venture homeruns has grown, there has been a surge in innovative venture activity. It’s no longer limited to Silicon Valley and Boston’s Route 128. Venture capital activity is flourishing in New York, Los Angeles, the DC metro area, Austin . . . and anywhere where creativity, ambition, and the funds to […]

When Crisis Management Is Required, the VC Can Be Very Important

In the case of seriously distressed situations, the venture capitalist can be expected to take a very active role, particularly if acting as the lead or co-lead investor. In these cases, the VC will become involved in operating decisions and will likely press for management changes, and those with operating skills may even take an […]

Prospecting for Gold, or, Better Yet, Drilling for Oil

Prospecting for venture capital gold can be as challenging as was prospecting for actual gold back in the gold rush. Many other miners are also searching for the mother lode. You will need a competitive advantage—all the known art plus some entrepreneurial inventiveness—to prevail. Part of the known art is recognizing that there are far […]

Prospecting for a Venture Capital Investor

Unfortunately, you need to understand the realities: Most new ventures fail. (We know, you’ve heard that already countless times.) They are inherently risky. You are risky. (Sorry.) A major reason why most new ventures fail is that they are unable to raise the capital needed to buy time in order to fix problems and get […]

Pricing Advice for the Entrepreneur

Experienced venture capital investors have a good idea of which industries are in fashion, and of the risk/reward profile for the particular industry and stage of the deal. They will also have a good idea of what price the deal may bring from another VC. Generally, it’s best to find an investor who will pay […]

New Online Venture Capital Firms Mean Greater Funding Availability for Entrepreneurs

A truly new development in venture capital is the recent emergence of . . . online venture capital investment portals. These firms have increased significantly the accessibility of investment opportunity for the roughly ten million Americans who qualify as accredited investors. This in turn has increased accessibility of funds for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital funding. […]

Due Diligence Importance to Entrepreneurs

Due Diligence Important . . . Even for Entrepreneurs Venture capitalists are both hunters and gatherers. They seek out the best and the brightest among entrepreneurs and their ideas. Once they have an initial intuition that they have found a likely winner, they go into data gathering and analysis mode, which in the industry is […]