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You Can Find Lucrative Venture Capital Opportunities Almost Anywhere

As awareness of recent venture homeruns has grown, there has been a surge in innovative venture activity. It’s no longer limited to Silicon Valley and Boston’s Route 128. Venture capital activity is flourishing in New York, Los Angeles, the DC metro area, Austin . . . and anywhere where creativity, ambition, and the funds to […]

A Strategy of Progress

For nearly seventy-five years, venture capital has been a force of change relying on capital and chance to bulldoze and reshape the American business landscape. The business had a small beginning with a few wealthy and notable American families investing their spare cash in what in the day were considered high risk investments-frozen orange juice […]

Title III JOBS Act (Crowdfunding) NOT a Cause for Celebration

Caveat Emptor! Caveat Venditor, too! If you’re opening a champagne bottle to celebrate Title III of the JOBS Act, which opened up venture capital investing to everyone, including those who are not accredited investors, don’t let that champagne cork hit you in the eye or get lodged in your throat. Our advice to investors: caveat […]

Book Review | The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future, by Steve Case

Steve Case, a brilliant entrepreneur and marketer who dared greatly and accomplished much, sees far once again all the wonder that will be through the “Internet of Everything.” He takes us there, projecting its impact on health care, education, government, investment opportunities, and the entrepreneur. Case has the credentials. He was a young, former P&G […]

Choppy Waters for Venture Capital Investors

Choppy Venture Capital Waters: A Great Buying Opportunity for Savvy, Early-Stage Investors Recent press about the venture capital market may sound foreboding, but it shouldn’t scare away savvy, early- stage investors. Near-term market conditions represent an ideal breeding ground for exceptional investment opportunities. Notwithstanding the rapidly increasing number of unicorns – private companies valued at […]