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Where Venture Capital Investment Is Heading Over the Next Decade

If the world of venture capital were to be set to music, Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changin’” might be chosen. The venture capital industry has changed in important ways over the past few years. We believe change will continue over the next decade. We expect venture capital investment over the next decade […]

Venture Capital Investing and the “Miracle on the Hudson”

For those intrepid investors who invest in seed, start-up, or early stage venture capital, their high wire investing act has similarities to Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s and Co-Pilot Jeffey Skiles’ controlled ditching on the Hudson River  on January 15,2009 saving 155 lives in one of the most heroic feats of aircraft piloting in history, the famous […]

Title III JOBS Act (Crowdfunding) NOT a Cause for Celebration

Caveat Emptor! Caveat Venditor, too! If you’re opening a champagne bottle to celebrate Title III of the JOBS Act, which opened up venture capital investing to everyone, including those who are not accredited investors, don’t let that champagne cork hit you in the eye or get lodged in your throat. Our advice to investors: caveat […]

Hedge Your Bets with Venture Capital

Not Even Activist Hedge Funds Are Winning Big in Recent Years Professionally Managed, Early-Stage Venture Capital Looks Like a Better Long-Term Choice In today’s tough investment climate, it’s not easy to find reliable paths to strong long-term growth. So much has been written about activist hedge funds and their wealthy leaders – like Carl Icahn, […]

Value Investing Beats Hollywood-Style Venture Capital

Hollywood-style venture capital investing buys high, hopes to sell even higher. While investors have sometimes won big with this strategy, long-term returns are uncertain. I prefer a value orientation – buy low, sell high — even in venture capital. I didn’t say “buy lowest.” I don’t want cheap; I want value. If I wanted cheap, I’d buy penny stocks, shop at dollar stores, and place bets on the dozens of marginally qualified start-ups on crowdfunding sites. There is a proven alternative….