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Making Sense of Venture Valuations: Understanding the Basics for Smart Investing

With all the excitement about today’s unicorns – privately held, venture capital-backed companies valued at over a billion dollars – and the anticipated stream of IPO’s this year, smart investors need to understand what venture valuation is all about. We’ll try here to arm investors with that understanding. Valuation Fundamentals 101 Venture capital investing is […]

Where Venture Capital Investment Is Heading Over the Next Decade

If the world of venture capital were to be set to music, Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changin’” might be chosen. The venture capital industry has changed in important ways over the past few years. We believe change will continue over the next decade. We expect venture capital investment over the next decade […]

You Can Find Lucrative Venture Capital Opportunities Almost Anywhere

As awareness of recent venture homeruns has grown, there has been a surge in innovative venture activity. It’s no longer limited to Silicon Valley and Boston’s Route 128. Venture capital activity is flourishing in New York, Los Angeles, the DC metro area, Austin . . . and anywhere where creativity, ambition, and the funds to […]

What a Strange World We Live In

“WHAT A STRANGE WORLD WE LIVE IN…” – LEWIS CARROL, ALICE IN WONDERLAND Like all investing, successful venture capital investing is about buying low and selling high. But venture capital investing offers another valuable benefit too, that it is non-correlated with other potential investment opportunities.

A Strategy of Progress

For nearly seventy-five years, venture capital has been a force of change relying on capital and chance to bulldoze and reshape the American business landscape. The business had a small beginning with a few wealthy and notable American families investing their spare cash in what in the day were considered high risk investments-frozen orange juice […]

Venture Capital Investing and the “Miracle on the Hudson”

For those intrepid investors who invest in seed, start-up, or early stage venture capital, their high wire investing act has similarities to Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s and Co-Pilot Jeffey Skiles’ controlled ditching on the Hudson River  on January 15,2009 saving 155 lives in one of the most heroic feats of aircraft piloting in history, the famous […]