Co-author Len Batterson a Leading VC for Individual Investors

Len (Batterson) has been one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial venture capitalists for over 30 years.

. . . Len’s series of notable successes began while at Allstate, where he played an integral role in the financing and restructuring of Control Video Corporation, which became America Online, Inc. (AOL). On its merger with Time Warner, which remains the largest merger in U.S. business history, AOL was valued at $364 billion. While at Allstate, Len also introduced to the venture capital community Allscripts, which was funded by Allstate after Len left the company, and which also grew to unicorn status and still generates over $1 billion in annual revenues.

After leaving Allstate, Len went on to found or co-found a number of highly successful entrepreneurial venture capital funds, pioneering venture capital investment for high-net-worth individuals. His long-term success is exceptional. Len has generated investor returns averaging 28%/year over nearly 30 years, with annual gains in the double digits in every decade, even through the 2000 tech bubble as well as the financial crisis of 2008–09. In addition to AOL and initial involvement with Allscripts, his investments that became unicorns include CyberSource and, more recently, Cleversafe, a data storage innovator sold to IBM in late 2015.

Most recently, Len founded VCapital LLC (, providing contemporary online access while continuing to focus on early stage, institutional quality, technology investment opportunities for individual accredited investors.


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Building Wealth through Venture Capital: A Practical Guide for Investors and the Entrepreneurs They Fund