Success Stories

The investments noted below represent a select representation of investments for which Leonard Batterson was the lead investment professional prior to the formation of VCapital. For a complete list of such investments, please contact us.

Len Batterson invested in three employees working over a barbershop in Palo Alto, turning $200K into $20 million in 3.5 years, generating an internal rate of return (IRR) of 367%. The company was later sold to Visa International for $2 billion.
Len Batterson funded the first Nanotech Company to achieve a public offering, generating an IRR of 47%. He also served as Chairman of Nanophase Technology.
Len Batterson funded the largest-circulation health magazine in the world and sold it to Time Warner, resulting in an IRR of 81%.

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Batterson directed investing $1 million in America Online at its restart funding, was critical in its restructuring, and helped assemble the AOL management team for an IRR of 196%. At its high, AOL was valued at $364 billion.
While Director of Allstate Venture Capital, Len Batterson made an early commitment to one of the world's largest and most successful private equity firms, Advent International.
Early investors in the company, the fund’s $8.48 million investment yielded an IRR of 42% at the IPO.
Once a traditional mail-order company, Batterson’s venture capital investment enabled the company to become a leading ecommerce services provider, returning 20.9 times the investment for an IRR of 357%.
Batterson co-founded the leading synthetic blood company in the world, generating an IRR of over 500% on an investments totaling $2.0 million.
BVC LLC was the co-lead investor in the Series A round for this data storage company whose patented methods dramatically increased data security and reduced costs by up to 80%. Acquired by IBM in 2015 for $1.3B, Cleversafe returned 10x to our investors and generated an IRR of 47%.