Peter MasonMember of The Advisory Board of Directors

Peter Mason is a Freeborn Peters Founding Partner, former Chairman of the Firm’s Executive Committee and a Partner in the Corporate Practice Group.

For more than 30 years, he has been a trusted advisor to CEOs, boards of directors, executive management, business owners, and investors. In addition to his legal experience, Peter served as a Chief Executive Officer at both a public company and a venture-backed private company. He brings these experiences to clients, helping guide them through the business, legal, personal and other decisions that help them achieve their goals.

As a lawyer, Peter is involved in issues related to corporate and board structures, growth strategies, private equity investments, financings, management issues, disputes and virtually every challenge affecting businesses and their owners. As a former business executive, he is in a unique position to help clients understand the options and possibilities inherent in various decision structures, both personally and professionally.

In the mid-point of his legal career, Peter accepted an invitation to become President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of May & Speh, a successful, publicly held marketing technology and services company that eventually merged with Acxiom Corporation (ACXM). He later served as CEO and Chairman of Toplander Corporation, the owner and operator of MarketsOnDemand and

Peter returned to Freeborn and his work as a lawyer and business advisor in 2002.
He is active in a variety of organizations, serves as a Board Member to several companies (both public and private) and has helped launch many businesses through venture capital investments.