Portfolio Update: Atlas Space Operations

ATLAS Space Operations (“Atlas”) provides affordable communication solutions to satellites at the highest level of service.

A revolutionary approach to satellite communications

The global hunger for data collected from space is insatiable. Current networks, however, cannot satisfy the growing data access demands. These networks produce costly and inefficient outcomes, as only one satellite can be communicated with at a time and data latency in transmissions is incredibly long. Atlas automates the process, allowing its customers to communicate with multiple satellites simultaneously and seamlessly transfer data, reducing data latency from up to twelve minutes to eight seconds.

The data bottleneck
(current way for ground communications):

The Atlas solution:

Key Trends

Atlas’s Advantage

This is a captive market with few attractive options
  • Atlas provides a new option to seamlessly transfer and process data that reduces latency
Companies are paying for an expensive product that is difficult to use
  • Atlas is up to 10x cheaper than competitors and allows for more data at faster speeds
  • Provides a software-centric, fully automated, cloud based network
Existing networks have limited bandwidth with outdated technology from 50 years ago
  • Atlas’ advanced technologies allow for satellite owners and operators to communicate with multiple satellites simultaneously during a single session
Traction & Sales

154 million dollars in sales pipeline

946 new satellite constellations

21 Atlas ground stations to be from NASA, Air Force & NOAA in private sector pipeline operational by the end of 2019

Lines of Revenue



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