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What It Takes to be a Successful Venture Capitalist

Successful venture capitalists have intuitive and analytical skills. They must be able to assemble and digest large amounts of data – some precise but some pretty vague and incomplete – and integrate all that information in order to make seriously consequential decisions. . . . The venture capitalist must often be a skeptic, as he […]

How Venture Capital Can Help You Avoid Investment Mistakes

Too many investors “vote” repeatedly. They don’t practice the buy-and-hold discipline espoused by Mr. Buffet. On an average day, 3-4 billion shares change hands in NYSE composite trading. Even worse, too many investors rush in following market run-ups and then sell in a panic as prices plunge. In the midst of some recent volatility, small […]

How Venture Capital’s Riches Are Becoming Available to More of Us

Changes in the venture capital playing field will also contribute to making the coming years good ones for venture capital investors and great ones for entrepreneurs. As we mentioned earlier, the accessibility of venture capital investment opportunities is becoming democratized. Today there are roughly a half million individual venture capital investors in the US alone, […]

Even More Opportunities to Win with Venture Capital

Ironically, more traditional venture capital firms like ours, which only allow investments from accredited investors and, even though accessible online, set a higher minimum investment requirement (our new firm VCapital has a minimum individual investment requirement of $25,000), welcome these new (online crowdfunding) firms that are democratizing the industry. Frankly, they are so new relative […]

We Are Bullish on the Future of Venture Capital

We’re bullish on the future of venture capital. For anyone who thinks the greatest innovations are behind us and questions how much is still left to invent, we would argue that the greatest days of innovation and hence of venture capital opportunity are still to come. . . . The tools and technologies that are […]

Unicorns May Be Over-Valued

Interested in the Unicorns? Beware! Many unicorns have already achieved notable marketplace success and will undoubtedly survive and even thrive over the long term. Nevertheless, even in the case of those making considerable strides in the marketplace, some of their current valuations strain credulity. We believe that, in many cases, their late-round investors risk vulnerability […]

Selecting a Venture Capital Firm to Invest With

Unless you already know a lot about venture capital and also have a lot of time on your hands, we’d suggest you focus on venture capital firms and exclude angel groups from your consideration set. Angel groups generally require considerable time from their members, who typically handle the venture screening, due diligence, and investment administration […]

Accessibility to Individuals Finally Here through New Online Firms

Accessibility to individuals is finally here, though, through the establishment over the past few years of several online venture capital firms, including Angel List, Our Crowd, Funder’s Club, Circle Up, and VCapital, founded by one of the authors (Len), with the other (Ken) serving in an advisory capacity. These online firms generally offer both individual […]