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Would You Like Some HONEST Investment Advice?

To be clear, neither of your authors is suggesting that you should invest a large share of your net worth in venture capital. It is inherently a high risk/high reward potential proposition. You shouldn’t invest more in venture capital than you can afford to lose without meaningfully changing your life. If you are an accredited […]

Why Returns from Hedge Funds and Private Equity Lag Behind Venture Capital

By the way, if you think you can out-fox the market by hitching your wagon to the hedge fund and activist investor icons, think twice. So much has been written about activist hedge funds and their wealthy leaders – like Carl Icahn, William Ackman, and Barry Rosenstein – that you may have assumed these guys […]

Why Institutions Love Venture Capital

On average (venture capital) returns are terrific. That’s why most sophisticated pensions and endowments have come to the conclusion that allocating a portion of their total portfolio to venture capital (and other private equity investments, particularly when private equity funds were doing better) makes sense. Yale University’s endowment, often held up as a standard of […]

How to Do Good AND Do Well at the Same Time

Often the best investments are those where the entrepreneur is way out on the leading edge of the possible. These break-out deals are generally priced right, with low early valuations/share price, and yet have the potential to disrupt or reinvent existing businesses and sometimes even entire industries. These break-out developments represent potential opportunities for big […]

You Can Find Great Venture Capital Investment Opportunities in Chicago

The Chicago area is a great illustration of the need for the right environment and what can happen when the entrepreneurial eco-system is built. . . . Since the entrepreneurially challenged days in Chicago, many flowers have bloomed. In addition to the tech incubator 1871, run by visionary Chicago entrepreneur Howard Tullman, which now houses […]

When Crisis Management Is Required, the VC Can Be Very Important

In the case of seriously distressed situations, the venture capitalist can be expected to take a very active role, particularly if acting as the lead or co-lead investor. In these cases, the VC will become involved in operating decisions and will likely press for management changes, and those with operating skills may even take an […]

Accessibility to Individuals Finally Here through New Online Firms

Accessibility to individuals is finally here, though, through the establishment over the past few years of several online venture capital firms, including Angel List, Our Crowd, Funder’s Club, Circle Up, and VCapital, founded by one of the authors (Len), with the other (Ken) serving in an advisory capacity. These online firms generally offer both individual […]

Co-author Len Batterson a Leading VC for Individual Investors

Len (Batterson) has been one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial venture capitalists for over 30 years. . . . Len’s series of notable successes began while at Allstate, where he played an integral role in the financing and restructuring of Control Video Corporation, which became America Online, Inc. (AOL). On its merger with Time Warner, […]

Investment Acumen Left and Right Brains

Finding High Quality Venture Capital Investments Requires Left and Right Brain . . . . A big part of this (selecting high quality investments) is also knowing and trusting the source of the opportunity. Most high-quality VC investment opportunities come to the VC through trusted sources—an attorney, accountant, broker-banker, tax advisor, consultant, or entrepreneur who […]

Batterson Track Record High Quality Investments

Batterson’s Outstanding VC Track Record . . . Venture capital fund returns have averaged about 12% per year over the long term and 19.7% over the past 20 years according to the Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Research Index. Nevertheless, returns on individual deals, and even on pooled funds holding a number of ventures, can vary […]