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How to Win in Venture Capital: Avoid FOMO*; Concentrate on Early Stage Investments

(*FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out) As a consumer, you may love Uber. Lots do. But Uber is a vivid reminder of the potential perils of FOMO-driven late stage venture investments. While most early stage venture investments may not evoke your friends’ envy, and each one faces considerable risk of even surviving to maturity. Nevertheless, […]

Choppy Waters for Venture Capital Investors

Choppy Venture Capital Waters: A Great Buying Opportunity for Savvy, Early-Stage Investors Recent press about the venture capital market may sound foreboding, but it shouldn’t scare away savvy, early- stage investors. Near-term market conditions represent an ideal breeding ground for exceptional investment opportunities. Notwithstanding the rapidly increasing number of unicorns – private companies valued at […]

Early-stage Venture Capital: A Better Bet in the Long Run

In today’s volatile market, early stage venture capital investing is often a better long-term bet than most alternatives. Managed well, it’s even relatively predictable.
Yes, each venture on its own is risky; only about 20% succeed. Although our team has achieved an impressive 37% venture success rate, that still means 63% of the ventures lost money. So how does early-stage venture capital investing translate into relatively predictable and a good bet? Three conditions must be met…