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We Are Bullish on the Future of Venture Capital

We’re bullish on the future of venture capital. For anyone who thinks the greatest innovations are behind us and questions how much is still left to invent, we would argue that the greatest days of innovation and hence of venture capital opportunity are still to come. . . . The tools and technologies that are […]

When Crisis Management Is Required, the VC Can Be Very Important

In the case of seriously distressed situations, the venture capitalist can be expected to take a very active role, particularly if acting as the lead or co-lead investor. In these cases, the VC will become involved in operating decisions and will likely press for management changes, and those with operating skills may even take an […]

Unicorns May Be Over-Valued

Interested in the Unicorns? Beware! Many unicorns have already achieved notable marketplace success and will undoubtedly survive and even thrive over the long term. Nevertheless, even in the case of those making considerable strides in the marketplace, some of their current valuations strain credulity. We believe that, in many cases, their late-round investors risk vulnerability […]

Investment Acumen Left and Right Brains

Finding High Quality Venture Capital Investments Requires Left and Right Brain . . . . A big part of this (selecting high quality investments) is also knowing and trusting the source of the opportunity. Most high-quality VC investment opportunities come to the VC through trusted sources—an attorney, accountant, broker-banker, tax advisor, consultant, or entrepreneur who […]

Batterson Principles Very Similar to Buffet Rules

You’re probably wondering now how the venture capital investment principles Len and his team have learned and followed over the years could be similar to “Buffett’s Real Rules.” After all, the Oracle of Omaha buys insurance companies, railroads, soda pop, and chewing gum while Len’s team pursues categories, like the digital tech sector and bio-technology, […]