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What a Strange World We Live In

“WHAT A STRANGE WORLD WE LIVE IN…” – LEWIS CARROL, ALICE IN WONDERLAND Like all investing, successful venture capital investing is about buying low and selling high. But venture capital investing offers another valuable benefit too, that it is non-correlated with other potential investment opportunities.

A Strategy of Progress

For nearly seventy-five years, venture capital has been a force of change relying on capital and chance to bulldoze and reshape the American business landscape. The business had a small beginning with a few wealthy and notable American families investing their spare cash in what in the day were considered high risk investments-frozen orange juice […]

Venture Capital Investing and the “Miracle on the Hudson”

For those intrepid investors who invest in seed, start-up, or early stage venture capital, their high wire investing act has similarities to Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s and Co-Pilot Jeffey Skiles’ controlled ditching on the Hudson River  on January 15,2009 saving 155 lives in one of the most heroic feats of aircraft piloting in history, the famous […]

Title III JOBS Act (Crowdfunding) NOT a Cause for Celebration

Caveat Emptor! Caveat Venditor, too! If you’re opening a champagne bottle to celebrate Title III of the JOBS Act, which opened up venture capital investing to everyone, including those who are not accredited investors, don’t let that champagne cork hit you in the eye or get lodged in your throat. Our advice to investors: caveat […]

Investing in Venture Capital? Think More About the Manager than the Deal

Ever notice that when people talk about investing in venture capital, discussion usually turns to “The Deal,” the hot start-up that will cure a disease or change lives with some new phone app? Sure, there are some hot deals, but remember – around 80% of them won’t make you any money. You could get lucky […]

Early-stage Venture Capital: A Better Bet in the Long Run

In today’s volatile market, early stage venture capital investing is often a better long-term bet than most alternatives. Managed well, it’s even relatively predictable.
Yes, each venture on its own is risky; only about 20% succeed. Although our team has achieved an impressive 37% venture success rate, that still means 63% of the ventures lost money. So how does early-stage venture capital investing translate into relatively predictable and a good bet? Three conditions must be met…

Value Investing with Venture Capital: Part of a Balanced Investment Diet

I’m a traditional, conservative investor: 65 years old, successful career, but no windfalls. We’re comfortable, but not super-wealthy. I still mow my own lawn and love bargains. Yet, a few months ago we invested in venture capital for the first time. Why? Aren’t we supposed to be more conservative now?

Value Investing Beats Hollywood-Style Venture Capital

Hollywood-style venture capital investing buys high, hopes to sell even higher. While investors have sometimes won big with this strategy, long-term returns are uncertain. I prefer a value orientation – buy low, sell high — even in venture capital. I didn’t say “buy lowest.” I don’t want cheap; I want value. If I wanted cheap, I’d buy penny stocks, shop at dollar stores, and place bets on the dozens of marginally qualified start-ups on crowdfunding sites. There is a proven alternative….