How Venture Capital’s Riches Are Becoming Available to More of Us

Changes in the venture capital playing field will also contribute to making the coming years good ones for venture capital investors and great ones for entrepreneurs.

As we mentioned earlier, the accessibility of venture capital investment opportunities is becoming democratized. Today there are roughly a half million individual venture capital investors in the US alone, and that number should expand dramatically in the coming years.

Recently launched online venture capital portals have opened investment access to America’s estimated 10 million accredited investors (i.e. individuals and couples with net worth, excluding the value of their primary residence, of $1 million or more, as well as individuals with annual income of $200,000+ or couples with annual income of $300,000+). Further, the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups) Act allows venture capital firms to advertise to these accredited investors.

On top of that, regulations implementing Title III of the JOBS Act, enacted by the SEC in the spring of 2016, open venture capital investment access, albeit with tight limitations, to the rest of America too. These JOBS Act provisions should increase substantially the availability of venture capital investment dollars. What a great time to be an aspiring entrepreneur!

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