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World-class due diligence and our team’s selection aptitude combine to bring exceptional venture capital opportunities online to accredited investors. Reasonable fees and low minimums make it easy to diversify your portfolio with exciting (and potentially world-changing) institutional-quality deals.

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Based in Chicago, we know what drives business success in the heartland and beyond.

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Early stage investors, we concentrate on the underserved $500k-$5M range.


Deep operating experience enables us to guide our funded entrepreneurs to successful outcomes.


Our industry connections, expansive network, and 30-year track record gives us access to unique deals.


We only invest in opportunities that pass our rigorous screening and vetting process.

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$25,000 minimum.

We offer two options for the management fee.

  • a one-time fee equal to 8% of the undersigned’s capital contribution to the Company.
  • an annual fee equal to 2% per annum of the undersigned’s capital contribution to the Company.

Current Opportunities

https://getsynap.com | Software as a Service – CRM | Chicago, IL

Synap makes and sells software primarily for account management and customer success teams. Its flagship product is designed specifically for post-sales engagement, helping teams to build, collaborate, and execute on their plans to grow customer relationships.
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Recent Investments

http://simmachines.com | Software as a Service – Machine Learning | Chicago, IL

simMachines is changing the Machine Learning (ML) paradigm with its proprietary similarity-based technology, which is the only ML technology capable of providing transparency to the factors driving the prediction (what is called Predictions with The WHY™) at the speed and scale required for enterprise use.
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http://www.intensitytherapeutics.com | Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology | Westport, CT

Our team invested $2.3 million in Intensity Therapeutics and raised an additional $1.5 million for the Company. Intensity Therapeutics is pioneering a new field of cancer treatment – in situ vaccination – to eliminate metastatic disease and prevent cancer from recurring.
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http://www.cleversafe.com | data storage | Chicago, IL

Cleversafe is the marketplace leader in dispersed storage technology for unstructured data in the petabyte-plus range. Our team raised $4.5 million through BVC. The company was purchased by IBM in Oct. 2015 for $1.3 billion.
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Opportunities Currently in Due Diligence

BioTech/Cancer Detection Anonymous

A breakthrough use of FISH oncology panels to detect cancer earlier than other methods, dramatically improving prognostics.

BioTech/Cancer Detection Preora

A new, patented technique to find cancer earlier by viewing cells at the nanoscale level. Initial focus on lung and colon cancers.

New media/video MeVee

A new way for people to record and share videos live, free to the filmer and to the viewers, with profit-sharing of ad revenues.

Clean Energy SynTech BioEnergy

Delivering power, heat, fertilizer & fuel via advanced thermochemical conversion. In production with $10M revenue.

Pharma/Cancer Anonymous

A better way to treat residual breast cancer post-surgery without using radiation and with a reduction in re-operations.

Pharma/Vaccine Anonymous

An infection prevention startup founded by nurses and engineers in New England with the mission of preventing nosocomial infections and reducing costs for healthcare providers.

New Media/Video Padcaster

The Padcaster is a patented, rugged multifunctional iPad case that transforms the iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio. The Padcaster enables consumers to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly or stream live right from the iPad. While currently only supporting the iPad, the company is working on solutions for other mobile devices from not only Apple but other companies as well.

Medical Devices Output Medical

Device enabling automation of urine output measurements in the ICU that will decrease the duration and severity of acute kidney injury plus increases the efficiency of nurses.

Medical Devices Infinitesimal

The first company to offer a fully automated single cell electroporation transfection system through a modular robotic arm which attaches to any inverted microscope. The NanoFountain Probe is ideal for drug discovery and gene editing of hard to transfect cells.

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