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World-class due diligence and proven instincts combine to bring you institutional quality venture capital opportunities. Reasonable fees and minimums make it easy to diversify your portfolio with potentially game-changing deals. If you’re a savvy investor, you’ll want to look at the details of our current deals.

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Based in Chicago, we know what drives business success in the heartland and beyond.

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We seek opportunities to make a difference to the world and to your bottom line.

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Early stage investors, we concentrate on the underserved $500k-$5M range.


Deep operating experience enables us to guide our funded entrepreneurs to successful outcomes.


Our industry connections, expansive network, and 30-year track record gives us access to unique deals.


We only invest in opportunities that pass our rigorous screening and vetting process.

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Take a look below at our current opportunities, recent investments, and just some of the deal opportunities currently in due diligence. We’d be pleased to help you select and invest in the best opportunities for your portfolio.

We offer two options for the management fee.

  • a one-time fee equal to 8% of the undersigned’s capital contribution to the Company.
  • an annual fee equal to 2% per annum of the undersigned’s capital contribution to the Company.

Current Opportunities

Xaptum Logo | Network Communications | Chicago, IL

Xaptum is the world’s first hardware security provider for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s products help organizations by providing a secure, scalable, agile and robust private network to exchange data between devices and the cloud.
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Recent Investments | Media & Technology | Chicago, IL

The all-in-one tool for iPads and cell phones which turns them into your own personal recording and video device. This company already has significant revenue and is sold world-wide.
Learn more | Medical Device | Research Park Triangle, NC

Camras Vision is developing the next generation of glaucoma treatments with their revolutionary device – The Camras Shunt. This patented device exceeds the ability of current prescription drug therapies and surgical treatments in treating glaucoma.
Learn more | Software as a Service – CRM | Chicago, IL

Synap makes and sells software primarily for account management and customer success teams. Its flagship product is designed specifically for post-sales engagement, helping teams to build, collaborate, and execute on their plans to grow customer relationships.
Learn more | Software as a Service – Machine Learning | Chicago, IL

simMachines is changing the Machine Learning (ML) paradigm with its proprietary similarity-based technology, which is the only ML technology capable of providing transparency to the factors driving the prediction (what is called Predictions with The WHY™) at the speed and scale required for enterprise use.
Learn more | Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology | Westport, CT

Our team invested $2.3 million in Intensity Therapeutics and raised an additional $1.5 million for the Company. Intensity Therapeutics is pioneering a new field of cancer treatment – in situ vaccination – to eliminate metastatic disease and prevent cancer from recurring.
Learn more | Data Storage | Chicago, IL

Cleversafe is the marketplace leader in dispersed storage technology for unstructured data in the petabyte-plus range. Our team raised $4.5 million through BVC. The company was purchased by IBM in Oct. 2015 for $1.3 billion.
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$25,000 minimum.

Opportunities Currently in Due Diligence

Software-as-a-Service Atlas Space Operations

Atlas is a state-of-the-art satellite command and control company that provides customers with cost-effective cloud-based solutions for communicating with satellites.

Biotech/Pharmaceuticals Anonymous

Creating new medicines to prevent life-threatening allergic reactions to food, particularly peanuts, giving people with food allergy peace of mind and relief from the fear of an accidental exposure.

Medical/Devices Diagnostic Photonics

Diagnostic Photonics is a medical imaging company helping cancer surgeons see the invisible, find missed cancer, and avoid repeat surgery. The company's Foresee™ Imaging System provides the surgeon with a live, microscopic view of the tumor and targets over 2M cancer surgeries annually.

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