Casey CowellMember of The Advisory Board of Directors

Casey Cowell graduated from the University of Chicago receiving an A.B. degree in Economics in 1975. In 1976, at the age of 23, he co-founded U.S. Robotics, Inc. He served as Chairman and CEO throughout the company’s history culminating in its merger into 3COM Corporation.A $200 post-college start-up, U.S. Robotics became the world’s largest manufacturer of modems and related products that connected computers to the global telephone network. In addition to a broad array of other products and technologies, USR also brought to market the Palm Pilot, the first highly successful handheld organizer. USR distinguished itself by designing and manufacturing all of its products in its own factories in the US in a period when US companies were focused on moving offshore. Its revenues grew from $50 million in 1990, the year before it went public, to $2.5 billion in 1997.

Cowell is an active investor, advisor and board member in a broad range of companies with an emphasis on start-ups and early stage. He is engaged in many civic and philanthropic efforts and organizations with emphasis on upper Michigan and Traverse City.